IF: Revenge

My post for this weeks illustration Friday topic.


Better let that dish cool!



IF – Underwater

Quick sketch for Illustration Friday before tomorrows is announced.

Ducks don’t float!

Call it a conspiracy, but I have heard that the government hires a secret organisation, called DFI (Duck Floating initiators) who work underwater and hold ducks up by their legs. Making it look as if they float!


IllustationFriday22.07.11 :perenial


Definition of PERENNIAL

1: present at all seasons of the year

2: persisting for several years usually with new herbaceousgrowth from a perennating part <perennial asters>

3a : persistentenduring <perennial favorites>
b : continuing without interruption : constantperpetual <theperennial quest for certainty> <a perennial student>
c : regularly repeated or renewed : recurrent <death is aperennial literary theme>