IllustrationFriday02.09.11 :Mysterious

The mystery of the missing socks.

A hideous crime is taking place in sockland. Socks keep disappearing, they have no reason to run away, so what is happening to them?

Odd socks have been left alone and distraught, some odd socks have even sacrificed themselves to the local artist to be made into toys!

Who can work out these mysterious going ons?

I did try to do a pencil drawing, but as usual the black fine liner came out eventually…

There is one more to be scanned in and uploaded, but won’t be at a scanner till Thursday now. But stay tuned.


2 thoughts on “IllustrationFriday02.09.11 :Mysterious

  1. When I was little, my mum once joked that there must be sock eaters eating the socks that went missing. I imagined stripey-snake-creatures with teeth that lived behind the radiators and would munch their way through the socks put there to dry! I never thought to feel sorry for the ones left behind though. Maybe we need some sort of odd sock refuge to help the poor traumatised socks! Great drawings and great idea!

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